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The IST is pleased to share with the policy-making, media, academic and other interested communities the cutting edge work of our experts; below are their most recent publications and other works. These publications represent the views of their respective authors, and not necessarily those of the Institute.

On occasion, the Institute will post materials from guest contributors who are not IST experts but who bring specialized or technical approaches that we consider notable for offering creative analyses or solutions to international crises. 

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Alla periferia del mondo
Author: Ugo Trojano on: June/05/2014

At the Periphery of the World chronicles Ugo Trojano's thirty years of professional public service supporting post-conflict stabilization missions in Kosovo, Gaza, Iraq, Mauritania, Chad and other hot spots.

Opportunita per l'Italia della Riforma ONU del Peace-Keeping
Author: Ugo Trojano on: August/20/2007
UNMIK: Il Ruolo dell ONU in Kosovo
Author: Ugo Trojano on: March/31/2007
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