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The IST is pleased to share with the policy-making, media, academic and other interested communities the cutting edge work of our experts; below are their most recent publications and other works. These publications represent the views of their respective authors, and not necessarily those of the Institute.

On occasion, the Institute will post materials from guest contributors who are not IST experts but who bring specialized or technical approaches that we consider notable for offering creative analyses or solutions to international crises. 

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The World Hangs in the Balance: The Marshall Plan's Legacy
Author: Max Primorac on: November/02/2016

7th Annual Leadership and Ethics Conference: Strategic Leadership in Times of Global Transition, Past, Present and Future, honoring former US Secretary of State James Baker III.

Restoring Our Civilian-Military Stabilization Capabilities to Counter Terrorist Threats in the Middle East
Author: Max Primorac on: December/04/2014

Primorac observes that the West no longer possesses the civilian-military stabilization capabilities needed to support a future international stabilization mission. He argues that it is time for the trans-Atlantic alliance to revitalize these capabilities based on lessons learned from our previous engagements in Iraq and Afghanitan.

Stability in Afghanistan & Pakistan in the Post-Nato Period: Wither Transatlantic Unity?
Author: Max Primorac on: June/03/2014

This paper examining the impact of Nato's drawdown to zero plan on the stability of Afghanistan and Pakistan was delivered to a June 1-4 conference of US and Europe-based think tank leaders in Italy, sponsored by Germany's Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

International Stabilization Missions & the Media
Author: Max Primorac on: January/30/2014

Presentation delivered in Niamey, Niger at an EU and US Embassy-sponsored conference on "Media & Security Threats"

Democratic Values: Universal Heritage or Western Preserve?
Author: Max Primorac on: June/24/2013

Remarks to a Konrad Adenauer Stinftung sponsored conference on Western Values and the Trans-Atlantic Alliance in Cadenabbia, Italy.

US Foreign Policy Under Obama: The Shadow of Interventionism?
Author: Max Primorac on: November/20/2012

Remarks delivered to L'Institut De Preparation De L'Administration Generale (IPAG) in Brest, France.

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