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The IST is pleased to share with the policy-making, media, academic and other interested communities the cutting edge work of our experts; below are their most recent publications and other works. These publications represent the views of their respective authors, and not necessarily those of the Institute.

On occasion, the Institute will post materials from guest contributors who are not IST experts but who bring specialized or technical approaches that we consider notable for offering creative analyses or solutions to international crises. 

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Bosnia and Herzegovina: Failed State in the Heart of Europe
Author: Guest Contributor on: October/16/2017

A transatlantic product of the IST analyzing the constitutional crisis in and pending collapse of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Drawing ideas from many experts from Europe and the United States, the paper advocates for refreshed US-European leadership that goes beyond the stale and unworkable Dayton agreement architecture.

The World Hangs in the Balance: The Marshall Plan's Legacy
Author: Max Primorac on: November/02/2016

7th Annual Leadership and Ethics Conference: Strategic Leadership in Times of Global Transition, Past, Present and Future, honoring former US Secretary of State James Baker III.

Briefing on the Republic of Iraq's National Security Strategy
Author: Hamza Hasan Shareef on: March/30/2016

The Government of Iraq has issued its first National Security Strategy for the next decade. Hamza Shareef, Director of the Al-Nahrain Center for Strategic Studies and National Team Coordinator of the Joint Inter-Ministerial Team, kindly briefs us on key elements of the strategy.

Improving Afghanistan's Governance by Fighting Commercial and Government Corruption
Author: Arnold Fields on: July/01/2015

Improving Afghanistan's Governance by Fighting Commercial and Government Corruption appeared in the July 2015 issue of the Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce BizNews. General Fields is a Member of the AACC's Board of Directors.

Do CVE Programs Reduce Violence and Extremism?
Author: Guest Contributor on: December/14/2014

The author assesses the limited impact of present government-led Counter Violent Extremism programs.

Employing our Civilian and Military Administrative Systems as Force Multipliers
Author: Guest Contributor on: December/11/2014

The author calls for harnessing our massive military logistical systems to advance economic stabilization objectives during our stability operations.

Restoring Our Civilian-Military Stabilization Capabilities to Counter Terrorist Threats in the Middle East
Author: Max Primorac on: December/04/2014

Primorac observes that the West no longer possesses the civilian-military stabilization capabilities needed to support a future international stabilization mission. He argues that it is time for the trans-Atlantic alliance to revitalize these capabilities based on lessons learned from our previous engagements in Iraq and Afghanitan.

Synchronizing National Security Priorities & US Business Interests
Author: John Gerlaugh on: December/01/2014

John Gerlaugh looks at how military planners and leaders can harness US economic power to support policy objectives.

Stabilization and Counterintelligence Awareness
Author: William Brooke Stallsmith on: September/08/2014

William Brooke Stallsmith tells us that spying and counterintelligence should be serious concerns for any organization involved in international stabilization and transition. Stallsmith worked at the Central Intelligence Agency on economic espionage, counterintelligence, and regional stability in Africa and the Near East.

Getting the Functional Expert to the Battlefield
Author: BG (USAR) Glenn A. Goddard on: July/20/2014

BG (USAR) Glen Goddard explores ways in which to strengthen the capacity of civil-military operations to provide a coordinated, resourced plan to carry out nation building tasks.

Alla periferia del mondo
Author: Ugo Trojano on: June/05/2014

At the Periphery of the World chronicles Ugo Trojano's thirty years of professional public service supporting post-conflict stabilization missions in Kosovo, Gaza, Iraq, Mauritania, Chad and other hot spots.

Stability in Afghanistan & Pakistan in the Post-Nato Period: Wither Transatlantic Unity?
Author: Max Primorac on: June/03/2014

This paper examining the impact of Nato's drawdown to zero plan on the stability of Afghanistan and Pakistan was delivered to a June 1-4 conference of US and Europe-based think tank leaders in Italy, sponsored by Germany's Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

The Spark of Rebellion: Exercising Their Options
Author: Lamar Cravens on: April/01/2014

This journal set of articles looks back at the 2004 rebellion that broke out in Iraq's Shia-majority southern provinces.

A Methodology for Community-Centric Recovery Planning and Operations
Author: Richard C. Staats PhD on: March/01/2014

This paper identifies community-centric approaches to improving disaster response effectiveness.  While treating domestic crises, we include it here due to its potential application for future stability operations.

International Stabilization Missions & the Media
Author: Max Primorac on: January/30/2014

Presentation delivered in Niamey, Niger at an EU and US Embassy-sponsored conference on "Media & Security Threats"

Corruption - An International Challenge Withough Borders: The Role of Government Oversight
Author: Arnold Fields on: January/27/2014

MG (ret) Arnie Fields, USMC, discusses the role played by the Inspectors General in fighting corruption and improving efficiency in government.

Doing "Whole of Government" in Stability Operations
Author: Robert Cassilly on: November/05/2013

The author draws transferable lessons for future stability operations culled from the inter-agency experiences of the Provincial Reconstruction Teams program in Iraq, 2005-2011.

Fraud and Manipulation
Author: Dame Audrey Glover, DBE on: October/18/2013

The author reviews methods employed to manipulate the electoral process as well as ways in which such fraud can be reduced or eliminated.

Resourcing & Shaping US Diplomacy for 21st Century Contingencies
Author: Guest Contributor on: September/15/2013

Pointing to the need for an expeditionary spirit to our future diplomacy...

Provincial Governance in Iraq: Councils, Contestations & Capacity Building
Author: Lamar Cravens on: August/31/2013
Democratic Values: Universal Heritage or Western Preserve?
Author: Max Primorac on: June/24/2013

Remarks to a Konrad Adenauer Stinftung sponsored conference on Western Values and the Trans-Atlantic Alliance in Cadenabbia, Italy.

Bridging the Potomac: How a Rule of Law Field Force Strikes Balance Between Security and Development
Author: Dr. Ellen Klein on: March/02/2013

Dr. Ellen Klein explains in the Small Wars Journal that while counter-insurgency remains the convention, rule of law will be an essential part of the US security missions in post-conflcit and stabilization missions.

Strategy, National Security & Social Change: Exploring an Evolving Security Environment
Author: Dana Eyre, PhD on: December/15/2012
US Foreign Policy Under Obama: The Shadow of Interventionism?
Author: Max Primorac on: November/20/2012

Remarks delivered to L'Institut De Preparation De L'Administration Generale (IPAG) in Brest, France.

The Military and Government in Iraq: Military leaders should learn from history
Author: Hamza Hasan Shareef on: July/01/2012

Review of the negative role played by Iraq's military since independence and need to depoliticize the army to protect the country's democacy, in Unipath Magazine, a military journal published by the Commander of US Central Command.

Sortir d'Afghanistan
Author: Pierrick Le Jeune, PhD on: June/29/2012
Shaping the Zeitgeist: Influencing social processes as the center of gravity for strategic communications in the 21st century.
Author: Dana Eyre, PhD on: June/15/2012 alternative paradigm to replace or supplement the traditional state-centered security paradigm.

Servir au mieux la diplomatie francaise
Author: Pierrick Le Jeune, PhD on: May/12/2012
Constitutional and Legal Framework for Local Development in Yemen
Author: Lamar Cravens on: January/31/2012
When Mars and Venus Align: The Next Step in Interagency Cooperation
Author: Dr. Ellen Klein on: December/02/2011

In this 2011 article in the Rule of Law Handbook: A Practitioners Guide for Judge Advocates, (pp 268-272), published by the US Army's The Judge Advocates General Legal Center, Dr. Klein takes a look at what remains to be done to enhance rule of law interagency unity of effort.

Handbook for Military Support to Rule of Law and Security Sector Reform
Author: Dr. Ellen Klein on: December/02/2011

Dr. Klein is a Contrbutor to this seminal handbook on military support to Ruel of Law and Security Sector refrom efforts, published by the United States Joint Forces Command.

Decentralization in Iraq: Practices, Processes, and Prospects
Author: Lamar Cravens on: June/23/2011
The Constitutional & Theoretical Foundations for a Relationship Between the Council of Representatives and the Regions & Provinces
Author: Lamar Cravens on: June/01/2011
Analyzing Decentralization in Iraq
Author: Lamar Cravens on: June/01/2011
Computer Aided Democracy in Iraq
Author: Robert Cassilly on: May/09/2011
Transforming America's Collaborative Crisis Response Capability: The Executive Education Dimension
Author: Amb David C. Litt on: July/15/2009

AMB (Ret) David C. Litt argues that the United States Government should rapidly develop and expand executive education and training for collaborative, non-kinetic crisis response capability that includes the military, civilian agencies and the private/voluntary sectors.

Developing Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Iraq: Case Study in (delayed) Interageny Coordination
Author: Mike Caples on: April/22/2009

In this case study submitted to the US Army War College, Col. Mike Caples examines the complex interagency coordination process involved in its development and rollout.

Opportunita per l'Italia della Riforma ONU del Peace-Keeping
Author: Ugo Trojano on: August/20/2007
UNMIK: Il Ruolo dell ONU in Kosovo
Author: Ugo Trojano on: March/31/2007
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