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The Institute's experts remain actively engage in related field through other institutional affiliations. Below are events and news items that either directly involve IST experts themselves or that our experts believe merit wider attention.

Recent News Articles

Bowen Joins UN-sponsored Anti-Corruption Panel in Iraq
Apr/04/2017 Author: Stuart W. Bowen, Jr.

Stuart Bowen participated on an anti-corruption panel at a three-day United Nations Development Programme sponsored event in Baghdad, Iraq. The event assembled numerous international experts discussing anti-corruption approaches and saw Prime Minister Haidar Al Abadi make the keystone presentation.

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The Perilous Situation in Iraq
Aug/20/2015 Author: Stuart W. Bowen, Jr.

On August 19, Stuart W. Bowen Jr. spoke before the Chautauqua Institute in New York on The Perilous Situation in Iraq. The exchange with Brooking Institute's scholar Dr. Shadi Hamid is available on YouTube.

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University of Texas A&M Conference on US Relations with Middle East
Feb/20/2014 Author: Stuart W. Bowen, Jr.

Former SIGIR Head Stuart Bowen was a featured speaker at the University of Texas A&M's annual SCONA Conference with this year's session treating US relations with North Africa and the Middle East.

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