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The Institute's experts remain actively engage in related field through other institutional affiliations. Below are events and news items that either directly involve IST experts themselves or that our experts believe merit wider attention.

Recent News Articles

On the Periphery of the World
May/22/2014 Author: Ugo Trojano

Stabilization expert Ugo Trojano presents his recently published book Alla periferia del mondo to the Italian Air Force Officers Club, in Rome, Italy. The book chronicles a life time of professional achievement in post-conflict stabilization missions in Kosovo, Iraq, Gaza, Mauritania, Chad and elsewhere.

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The Crisis in the Sahel
Nov/17/2013 Author: Ugo Trojano

Italy's Sunday evening television news program Mezzi Toni interviewed Ugo Trojano to discuss the on-going terrorist threat throughout the Sahel region of Africa (Italian).

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Invaluable Support is Provided to National Police Elements in the Struggle Against Terrorism
Jan/15/2013 Author: Ugo Trojano

A EUCAP-SAHEL Mission Niger press release discussing European Union efforts to strengthen the capacity of the country's national security forces in combatting terrrism and organized crime appeared in the January 2013 issue of Sentinelle, an information bulletin regularly issued by Niger's National Police (in French).

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