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The Institute's experts remain actively engage in related field through other institutional affiliations. Below are events and news items that either directly involve IST experts themselves or that our experts believe merit wider attention.

Recent News Articles

IST at European Peoples Party Congress in Malta
Mar/28/2017 Author: Max Primorac

Max Primorac participated on several transAtlantic-focused roundtables in Malta with European political leaders during the 2017 Congress of the European Peoples Party, a center-right coaltion that holds a majority in the European Parliament.

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Ukraine Conference to Discuss US Foreign Policy under the New Administration
Dec/09/2016 Author: Max Primorac

Primorac spoke on US foreign policy under a President Donald Trump to leaders of the European Democratic Students Assembly meeting in Kyiv, Ukraine along with other prominent speakers, including Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister.

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US Presidential Campaign Processes and US Foreign Policy
Sep/30/2016 Author: Max Primorac

Max Primorac spoke to Latin American military leaders about the impact of US Presidential Elections on US foreign policy at National Defense University's  William J. Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies's Washington Seminar on Defense and Security.

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Transatlantic Conference on Global Terrorism & Big Power Players
Jun/21/2016 Author: Max Primorac

Primorac served as the US panelist on Global Terrorism and Big Power Players during the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung's Translatlantic Think Tank Conference held annually in Cadenabbia, Italy.

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Primorac Named to Task Force on the Future of Iraq
Feb/17/2016 Author: Max Primorac

Max Primorac was named Senior Adviser to the Atlantic Council's Task Force on the Future of Iraq. The task force is Chaired by Ambassador Ryan Crocker, former US Ambassador to the Republic of Iraq, and seeks to find ways to support Iraqis in stabilizing their state.

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Russia's War on Ukraine and the West
Jun/26/2015 Author: Max Primorac

Max Primorac spoke at the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung's TransAtlantic Conference Cadenabbia (Italy)of think tank leaders this past May, laying out the argument that Russia's War on Ukraine is also a war on the West.

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Iraqi Government Seeks post-ISIL Stabilization Support
Mar/06/2015 Author: Max Primorac

Iraq's National Security Council formally requested technical support from the IST to strengthen its post-ISIL liberation stabilization capacity in the areas of civilian-military coordination on security, reconstruction, relief and reconciliation.

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Restoring our Civilian-Military Stabilization Capabilities
Dec/04/2014 Author: Max Primorac

Max Primorac addressed the 5th TransAtlantic Think Tank Conference: Rising to the Challenge, the West in a More Complex Global Environment in Brussels, Belgium held at the Martens Centre for European Studies and co-sponsored by the Hudson Institute and International Republican Institute.

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Prospects for Post-Nato Stability in Afghanistan and Pakistan
Jun/03/2014 Author: Max Primorac

Max Primorac presented the paper Stability in Afghanistan & Pakistan in the Post-Nato Period: Wither Transatlantic Unity? to think tank leaders from the US and Europe on Lake Como, Italy. The event was sponsored by the German-based Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

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La Presse face aux defits securitaires
Jan/29/2014 Author: Max Primorac

Max Primorac spoke about international stabilization missions in Niamey, Niger at the invitation of EUCAP Sahel and US Embassy Niamey. The two day event assembled media and military for the first time to discuss regional security threats. Ugo Trojano, Spokesman for EU Mission Niger and IST senior fellow, moderated the panel which included Col. Abdoulaye Amadou Harounee, Head of Public Affairs for Niger's Armed Forces.

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The Arab Spring, Democracy and US Foreign Policy
Dec/12/2013 Author: Max Primorac

On behalf of the University of Chicago's Alumni Foreign Policy Circle in Washington, DC, Max Primorac hosted Ambassador William B. Taylor, Vice-President for Middle East & Africa at the US Institute of Peace and former Special Coordinator for Middle East Transition at the Department of State to discuss political events in North Africa and Middle East.

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