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The Institute's experts remain actively engage in related field through other institutional affiliations. Below are events and news items that either directly involve IST experts themselves or that our experts believe merit wider attention.

Recent News Articles

IST Welcomes Lt. Gen (ret) Mick Bednarek as a Distinguished Fellow
Oct/01/2016 Author: Mick Bednarek

The IST is pleased to welcome retired Lieutenant General Mick Bednarek as its newest Distinguished Fellow after 40 years of military service in the US Army, most recently as Senior Defense Officer in Iraq and Chief of the Office of Security and Cooperation Iraq where he coodinated bilateral security cooperation and security assistance activities.

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National Security and Women
Sep/12/2016 Author: Charlotte Ponticelli

Charlotte Ponticelli moderated a conference on National Security and Women's Insecurity: Why Women Matter in Foreign Policy organized by The Bush School at Texas A&M. The discussion included former United Nations and US State Department advisers on international women's issues.

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Transatlantic Conference on Global Terrorism & Big Power Players
Jun/21/2016 Author: Max Primorac

Primorac served as the US panelist on Global Terrorism and Big Power Players during the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung's Translatlantic Think Tank Conference held annually in Cadenabbia, Italy.

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Deployment to Afghanistan
Jul/01/2015 Author: Dr. Ellen Klein

Dr. Ellen R. Klein, our OSD/Policy Liaison, is deployed to Afghanistan as Senior Command Advisor to the Deputy Commanding General - Support, US Forces Afghanistan. Ellen works closely with US Embassy Kabul, the NATO Mission to Resolute Support and Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on a number of issues, including the Bilateral Security Agreement.

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Russia's War on Ukraine and the West
Jun/26/2015 Author: Max Primorac

Max Primorac spoke at the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung's TransAtlantic Conference Cadenabbia (Italy)of think tank leaders this past May, laying out the argument that Russia's War on Ukraine is also a war on the West.

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NATO Expert a new Institute Senior Fellow
Apr/06/2015 Author: Mihai Carp

Mihai Carp, Deputy Head of Section, Operations Division of International Staff at NATO Headquarters joins the Institute as a Senior Fellow.

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OSD Liaison on Stability and Transition
Mar/25/2015 Author: Dr. Ellen Klein

Dr. Ellen Klein is an Office of Secretary of Defense's Liaison to the IST on Stability and Transition. Dr. Klein is a Pentagon Foreign Affairs Officer with the Stability and Humanitarian Office focusing on rule of law issues.

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Promotion to Commanding General of the 316th Sustainment Command
Sep/12/2014 Author: Richard C. Staats PhD

Brigadier General Richard C. Staats assumed command of the 316th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) of the US Army with mission command of all Army Reserve logistical units from Maine to Pennsylvania with approximately 8,000 soldiers.

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Promotion to Commanding General of 353rd Civil Affairs Command
Sep/05/2014 Author: BG (USAR) Glenn A. Goddard

Brigidier General Glenn Goddard was named Commanding General of the 353rd Civil Affairs Command at Fort Wadsworth, New York. The CG for 2000 soldiers supports the United States' Europe Command and United States' Africa Command.

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Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict
Jun/13/2014 Author: Dame Audrey Glover, DBE

Ambassador Audrey Glover joined the Government of the United Kingdom and UN High Commission for Refugees in a major international event in London to highlight continued brutal human rights abuses carried out against women during war.

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US Army's Maneuver Center of Excellence Combat Leadership Speakers Program
Jun/05/2014 Author: Dana Eyre, PhD

On June 5th, Dr. Dana Eyre spoke about globalization and its impact on the US Army's future challenges to Combat leaders at Fort Benning, Georgia.

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Prospects for Post-Nato Stability in Afghanistan and Pakistan
Jun/03/2014 Author: Max Primorac

Max Primorac presented the paper Stability in Afghanistan & Pakistan in the Post-Nato Period: Wither Transatlantic Unity? to think tank leaders from the US and Europe on Lake Como, Italy. The event was sponsored by the German-based Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

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On the Periphery of the World
May/22/2014 Author: Ugo Trojano

Stabilization expert Ugo Trojano presents his recently published book Alla periferia del mondo to the Italian Air Force Officers Club, in Rome, Italy. The book chronicles a life time of professional achievement in post-conflict stabilization missions in Kosovo, Iraq, Gaza, Mauritania, Chad and elsewhere.

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La Presse face aux defits securitaires
Jan/29/2014 Author: Max Primorac

Max Primorac spoke about international stabilization missions in Niamey, Niger at the invitation of EUCAP Sahel and US Embassy Niamey. The two day event assembled media and military for the first time to discuss regional security threats. Ugo Trojano, Spokesman for EU Mission Niger and IST senior fellow, moderated the panel which included Col. Abdoulaye Amadou Harounee, Head of Public Affairs for Niger's Armed Forces.

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Afghan Women - the Impact of Nato's Withdrawal
Jan/20/2014 Author: Charlotte Ponticelli

Charlie Ponticelli continues to speak publicly about the impact of Nato's withdrawal from Afghanistan on its women to the Committees on Foreign Relations in Lousiville, Boise, Birmingham and Indianapolis.

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