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The Institute's experts remain actively engage in related field through other institutional affiliations. Below are events and news items that either directly involve IST experts themselves or that our experts believe merit wider attention.

Recent News Articles

New Senior Technical Consultant for Security Issues at UNDP Iraq
Aug/08/2017 Author: Hamza Hasan Shareef

IST Senior Fellow Hamza Hasan Shareef is UNDP Iraq's new Senior Technical Consultant for a raft of security-related issues, including security sector reform, disarmament, demobilization and reintegraiton of militias, and water issues. Mr. Hamza ends a long career as Director General for International Affairs at Iraq's National Security Agency.

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Bowen Joins UN-sponsored Anti-Corruption Panel in Iraq
Apr/04/2017 Author: Stuart W. Bowen, Jr.

Stuart Bowen participated on an anti-corruption panel at a three-day United Nations Development Programme sponsored event in Baghdad, Iraq. The event assembled numerous international experts discussing anti-corruption approaches and saw Prime Minister Haidar Al Abadi make the keystone presentation.

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US Military Action and the Mideast Conflict Discussion
May/18/2016 Author: Arnold Fields

Distinguished Fellow Arnie Fields hosted Brookings Institutions' Senior Fellow Michael E. O'Hanlon to speak about US Military Action, Mideast Conflict, Evolving Foreign Policy, and Public Administration Impacts - Traditional or Otherwise at the National Academy of Public Administration's Standing Panel on International Affairs, which is charied by Arnie Fields.

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Primorac Named to Task Force on the Future of Iraq
Feb/17/2016 Author: Max Primorac

Max Primorac was named Senior Adviser to the Atlantic Council's Task Force on the Future of Iraq. The task force is Chaired by Ambassador Ryan Crocker, former US Ambassador to the Republic of Iraq, and seeks to find ways to support Iraqis in stabilizing their state.

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The Perilous Situation in Iraq
Aug/20/2015 Author: Stuart W. Bowen, Jr.

On August 19, Stuart W. Bowen Jr. spoke before the Chautauqua Institute in New York on The Perilous Situation in Iraq. The exchange with Brooking Institute's scholar Dr. Shadi Hamid is available on YouTube.

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Iraqi Government Seeks post-ISIL Stabilization Support
Mar/06/2015 Author: Max Primorac

Iraq's National Security Council formally requested technical support from the IST to strengthen its post-ISIL liberation stabilization capacity in the areas of civilian-military coordination on security, reconstruction, relief and reconciliation.

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How to Stop the Bleeding in Syria
Jan/26/2015 Author: Amb David C. Litt

In the latest edition of Foreign Affairs, AMB David C. Litt lays out a path towards a possible negotiated political solution in How to Stop the Bleeding in Syria: Finding a Way Out of the Conflict.

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EU Technical Assistance Program South Sudan
Jan/15/2015 Author: Don Seufert

Don Seufert is Chief of Party of a European Union-sponsored Technical Assistance Project for South Sudan. Project focus in on public finance management and payroll for state and loval government.

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Presidential Elections in Tunisia
Dec/22/2014 Author: Dame Audrey Glover, DBE

Ambassador Audrey Glover was co-leader of the Carter Center delegation observing the November 25th and December 22nd rounds of presidential elections in Tunisia. According to AMB Glover, "Tunisia symbolizes what can be acccomplished when citizens, political parties, civil society, and institutions work together to achieve compromise and move the country forward on the path to democracy."

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National Defense University Leadership Program
Jun/26/2014 Author: Hamza Hasan Shareef

Hamza Hasan Shareef has completed a week long leadership program at the National Defense University's Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies in Washington, DC.

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Peacekeeping & Stability Links Africa 2014 Conference
Jun/24/2014 Author: Arnold Fields

Maj. Gen. Arnold Fields, US Marine Corps (RET) chaired this internatonal event assembling African and other international leaders in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to discuss the continent's long-term security, development and stability challenges.

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University of Texas A&M Conference on US Relations with Middle East
Feb/20/2014 Author: Stuart W. Bowen, Jr.

Former SIGIR Head Stuart Bowen was a featured speaker at the University of Texas A&M's annual SCONA Conference with this year's session treating US relations with North Africa and the Middle East.

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The Arab Spring, Democracy and US Foreign Policy
Dec/12/2013 Author: Max Primorac

On behalf of the University of Chicago's Alumni Foreign Policy Circle in Washington, DC, Max Primorac hosted Ambassador William B. Taylor, Vice-President for Middle East & Africa at the US Institute of Peace and former Special Coordinator for Middle East Transition at the Department of State to discuss political events in North Africa and Middle East.

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The Crisis in the Sahel
Nov/17/2013 Author: Ugo Trojano

Italy's Sunday evening television news program Mezzi Toni interviewed Ugo Trojano to discuss the on-going terrorist threat throughout the Sahel region of Africa (Italian).

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Care International UK Issues Publication on Arab Spring & Women
Oct/31/2013 Author: Dame Audrey Glover, DBE

 On October 31, Dame Glover participated in an launch of the publication of "Arab Spring or Arab Autumn? Women's Participation in the uprisings and beyond: Implications for International donor Policy," issued by CARE International UK and Chatham House.

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Panel discussion on "President Obama's Visit to Africa: Potential Impact & Implications on US-Africa Relations"
Jul/12/2013 Author: Arnold Fields

Retired Major General Arnold Fields moderated the National Academy of Public Administration's (NAPA) Africa Working Group Standing Panel discussion on the impact of President Obama's recent visit to Africa. MG Fields is a NAPA Board Member.

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Invaluable Support is Provided to National Police Elements in the Struggle Against Terrorism
Jan/15/2013 Author: Ugo Trojano

A EUCAP-SAHEL Mission Niger press release discussing European Union efforts to strengthen the capacity of the country's national security forces in combatting terrrism and organized crime appeared in the January 2013 issue of Sentinelle, an information bulletin regularly issued by Niger's National Police (in French).

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