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Our Experts

Listed below are the Institute's experts.  They are at the core of the Institute's purpose and function.  Our experts bring substantial senior government and on-the-ground leadership and implementaton experience in tackling a wide array of stabilization and transition challenges.

IST experts are presented in alphabetical order and can be sorted by region or topic on the right.

Now Viewing Asia and Latin America Experts
Distinguished Fellows

Chairman, L'Institut de Preparation a l'Administration Generale, France

Pierrick Le Jeune is Senior Lecturer of Political Science and Public Law at the University of West Brittany, France w...View Full Bio

Associate Fellows
Senior Fellows

Director, Provincial Affairs, Afghanistan Civil Service Commission

Abdurahman Rasikh is Provincial Affairs Director General at Afghanistan's Civil Service Commission where he...View Full Bio

Assistant Professor, National Security Affairs, National Defense University

Dr. Spencer has more than two decades of professional and personal experience in Latin American security issues to in...View Full Bio

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