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Our Experts

Listed below are the Institute's experts.  They are at the core of the Institute's purpose and function.  Our experts bring substantial senior government and on-the-ground leadership and implementaton experience in tackling a wide array of stabilization and transition challenges.

IST experts are presented in alphabetical order and can be sorted by region or topic on the right.

Distinguished Fellows

Lieutenant General, US Army (Ret)

Lieutenant General Mick Bednarek retired in 2015 after nearly 40 years of military service. He most recently served 2...View Full Bio

Major General, US Army Reserves (Ret)

Major General David Blackledge brings over 33 years as a military officer and reservist. He was deployed to the Persi...View Full Bio

Expert on Stabilization & Reconstruction Operations

Stuart W. Bowen, Jr. was appointed Inspector General for the Coalition Provisional Authority in January 2004, and, fr...View Full Bio

Major General, US Marine Corps (Ret)

Major General Arnold Fields retired from the United States Marine Corps in 2004 after over 34...View Full Bio

After reading law at King’s College, London, Audrey was called to the Bar where she practiced before later join...View Full Bio

Commanding General, 353rd Civil Affairs Command

Brigadier General Glenn A. Goddard has served over 29 years of Army experience both active and reserve. He served tw...View Full Bio

Chairman, L'Institut de Preparation a l'Administration Generale, France

Pierrick Le Jeune is Senior Lecturer of Political Science and Public Law at the University of West Brittany, France w...View Full Bio

Executive Director, Center for Stabilization & Economic Reconstruction

Ambassador Litt served for 34 years as a career U.S. diplomat, specializing in the Middle East and Southwest Asia. In...View Full Bio

International Consultant, Adjunct Professor at Catholic University of America

Charlotte M. (Charlie) Ponticelli is an international consultant with 23 years of US Government experience in W...View Full Bio

Brigadier General, U.S. Army and Director, Army Programs Division, MITRE Corporation

Dr. Rich Staats started life as one of the eldest of forty first and second cousins in a traditional, mid-western, ag...View Full Bio

Associate Fellows
Senior Fellows

Strategy, Business Development and Economic Policy Specialist

Joe Banavige has over 20 years of experience as a business leader, Department of Defense civilian, Department of Stat...View Full Bio

Colonel, US Army Reserves (Ret)

Colonel Mike Caples retired from the U.S. Army Reserve in 2011, after over 27 years that included service in Iraq, Ha...View Full Bio

Deputy Head of Section, Operations Division of International Staff, NATO HQ

Mihai Carp is currently Deputy Head of Section in the Operations Division of the International Staff at NATO HQ in Br...View Full Bio

Foreign Service Officer (Ret)

Stephen Carrig brings to our Institute his more than two decades' experience overseas as a U.S. Foreign Service econo...View Full Bio

Attorney and Stability Operations Specialist

Robert (“Bob”) Cassilly is an experienced stability operations advisor and practitioner with over thirty ...View Full Bio

Attorney and Senior Development Specialist

Lamar Cravens is an attorney specializing in governance issues in Muslim-majority societies. He has spent the past 15...View Full Bio

Senior Social Scientist

Dr. Eyre is a sociologist specializing in the analysis, planning, coordination, and evaluation of social change and s...View Full Bio

Consultant, National Security Perspectives

Mr Gerlaugh is a private consultant currently supporting the United States Agency for International Development's wor...View Full Bio

OSD Liaison to IST on Stability & Transition

Dr. E.R. Klein is presently serving as a Department of Defense (DoD) Foreign Affairs Officer for the Office of Secret...View Full Bio

Chief, Field Programs & Historical Services, US Army Center of Military History

Dr. R. Scott Moore is currently the Chief, Field Programs and Historical Services at the US Army Center of Military H...View Full Bio

Foreign Service Officer (Ret)

David Noble recently completed a 26-year career diplomatic career as a political officer with the St...View Full Bio

Director, Provincial Affairs, Afghanistan Civil Service Commission

Abdurahman Rasikh is Provincial Affairs Director General at Afghanistan's Civil Service Commission where he...View Full Bio

Public Sector Finance & Budget Advisor

Senior Development Specialist

Don Seufert creates legitimate governments in the most difficult nations of the world, transitioning from liberation ...View Full Bio

International Affairs Advisor, National Security Council, Government of Iraq

Hamza Hasan Shareef is an International Affairs Advisor to the Government of Iraq’s National Security Council w...View Full Bio

Assistant Professor, National Security Affairs, National Defense University

Dr. Spencer has more than two decades of professional and personal experience in Latin American security issues to in...View Full Bio

Counterintelligence Expert

William Brooke Stallsmith has worked on a wide range of international issues for more than 30 years.

Brooke s...View Full Bio

Global Expert on Peacekeeping, Peacebuilding and Post-conflict Stabilization

Dr. Ugo Trojano brings over 30 years of international and government experience working with national and internation...View Full Bio

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