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The IST offers the public international expertise on the strategies, policies and mechanics involved in addressing global crises, especially as they pertain to stabilization and transition issues.

This blog page offers rich and diverse views of their respective authors.


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Posted by: Max Primorac
Posted on: May/31/2015 12:17 pm

Russia's flagrant violation of international norms, China's threats to strategic Pacific waterways and Islamic extrem...Read Full Blog

Posted by: Bradley J. Little
Posted on: August/04/2015 9:02 am

Dateline -- September 18, 2019, Geneva, Switzerland

Given that it is September 2019...Read Full Blog

Posted by: Max Primorac
Posted on: December/07/2015 9:29 am

It is time to end the political mantra of "no ground troops" and define what is needed to destroy ISIL. President Oba...Read Full Blog

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