Abdurahman Rasikh
Director, Provincial Affairs, Afghanistan Civil Service Commission, Asia and Latin America

Abdurahman Rasikh is Provincial Affairs Director General at Afghanistan's Civil Service Commission where he has worked for eight years. As the government lead for rolling out public administration reform in Afghanistan’s 34 provinces, 364 districts and 155 municipalities, he supervises seven regional offices, 27 provincial offices and a staff of 360. He coordinates with coalition officials on provincial level civilian military issues and public administration reform, leading Afghanistan’s accelerated sub national recruitment drive in government designated insecure provinces. Mr. Rasikh is also Head of the Civil Service Commission’s Task Force on the Model Province Pilot Project, Head of its Provincial Enhancement Project Package Task Force and is its Member to Afghanistan’s Transition Coordination Commission that is responsible for transfer of provincial security from Nato to Afghan forces. He is the Commission’s lead to the National Security Council Deputies Committee and to the Independent Directorate for Local Governance as regards civil service issues.

Prior to his current position he served as Director of the Civi Service Commission’s Regional office in Balkh, as Head of the Balkh Capacity Building Unit and Capacity Building Group Coordinator. During this period, Mr. Rasikh headed the Task Force for Provincial and District Governor Offices and Municipal Reform that restructured Afghanistan’s cities, spearheading the creation of Ministerial Advisory Committees, the first effort to build up government capacity at the subnational level. Also he served on the senior staff of Afghanistan’s Assistance Coordination Authority, a body of the post-liberation Interim Administration. Rasikh began his government career at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Regional Office in Balkh where he was the Deputy to Protocol Section, Consular and Head of the UN and NGO section. 

Mr. Rasikh obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Dari Literature and Languages from Balkh University and a Master’s degree in Public Policy & Administration through a joint program at Kabul University and the University of Washington (USA). He was born in Faryab province in the north west of Afghanistan and is fluent in Dari, Pashtun, Uzbek, English and Russian.

He received awards of excellence for his performance from Afghan national and local authorities and from the Commander for International Security Forces (COMISAF) and ISAF Joint Command as well as from several diplomatic missions.   

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