BG (USAR) Glenn A. Goddard
Commanding General, 353rd Civil Affairs Command,

Brigadier General Glenn A. Goddard has served over 29 years of Army experience both active and reserve. He served two tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom and numerous exercises in Vanuatu, Thailand, and Korea. Commissioned as a Corps of Engineers officer through OCS, Brigadier General Goddard served on active duty in Korea and California. His time as a Reserve Officer includes Combat Engineer, and Special Forces units, but primarily as a Civil Affairs officer. He spent his reserve time on many exercises with a focus on Korea. Activated in 2005-06, he served as the Chief CMO Plans Officer for MNF-I and DOS. During this tour he led, along with Mr. Greg Bates, the creation and establishment of the Iraqi Provincial Reconstruction Teams. The metrics he established to monitor the PRT's progress were later reprinted by the Center for Army Lessons Learned as guidelines for stability operations. Activated again in 2008-09, he commanded the 445th Civil Affairs Battalion in support of the 10th Mountain Division covering CMO in eight Iraqi Provinces. After returning from Korea, he served as the 351st CACOM Korea Team Chief where he served as the senior civil-military operations officer during the largest U.S.-Korean joint exercise. He currently commands the 353rd Civil Affairs Command located in Staten Island, NY. Brigadier General Goddard's awards include the Bronze Star Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, Meritorious Service Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, and the Combat Action Badge.

Brigadier General Goddard is a licensed Civil Engineer (California) and certified Project Management Professional. He has worked for the Parsons Corporation for the last 26 years, serving on a wide variety of engineering and construction assignments on aviation, light rail, petrochemical, military and national security projects. He has lived and worked in Korea, the Philippines, United Arab Emirates as well as many locations in the U.S. including Alaska and Hawaii. He is currently a Principal Project Manager working on a classified program to support a Government agency on Ft. Meade, MD.

Brigadier General Goddard earned his undergraduate degree at the University of the Pacific (B.S. Civil Engineering) and master's degrees at Texas A&M (M.S. Engineering Systems Management) and the U.S. Army War College (M.S. Strategic Studies).

He was published in Parameters in 2012 with an article on Chinese demographics and economic implications, Chinese Algebra: Understanding the Coming Changes of the Modern Chinese State, Strategic Studies Institute, Parameters, Summer 2012. 

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