William Brooke Stallsmith
Counterintelligence Expert, Security and Peace-keeping

William Brooke Stallsmith has worked on a wide range of international issues for more than 30 years.

Brooke started his career with the US Agency for International Development. In Rwanda, he helped design and implement training, regional integration, and rural health projects. During his next assignment, in Niger, Brooke worked on the design, implementation, and evaluation of projects to aid nomadic herders in the Sahel and small-scale farmers in the Niger River valley. And in Chad, he was integrated into the Chadian Ministry of Finance as Financial Policy Adviser, collaborating as well with IMF and World Bank teams, and he led a multi-disciplinary team of five professionals that evaluated a $13 million rural development project.

Brooke then joined the Central Intelligence Agency as an intelligence analyst. In that role, he prepared hundreds of short-term articles and long-term research papers on regional stability in Africa and the Near East, genocide and other humanitarian crises, counterintelligence, and international economic issues. He traveled extensively in Sub-Saharan Africa and served at Stations in the Near East and Western Europe, where he supported intelligence collection. Brooke was awarded the Career Intelligence Medal on his retirement from CIA in 2007.

Since then, Brooke has worked as a consultant for several companies, providing advice to sensitive US Government agencies and private-sector clients on counterintelligence, economic espionage against US companies and agencies, and African issues.

Brooke's unclassified publications include "It's Time to Get Ready for Cyberwar" on RealClearDefense.com

Brooke earned an MBA in Finance and International Business from Columbia University and a BA in History from the University of Virginia. He speaks French fluently and is professionally proficient in Portuguese. 

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