Lynda S. Roades
Public Sector Finance & Budget Advisor, Reconstruction and Development

Lynda S. Roades currently provides advisory and consultation services to donor agencies on wide-ranging public sector reforms in fragile, and post-conflict countries.

Ms. Roades brings over 40 years of experience as a practitioner and consultant in public sector administration. She has not only worked at all levels of government in the United States, but also has provided technical assistance to all levels of government in Afghanistan, the Czech Republic, Ghana, Iraq, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and Zambia.  In the U.S. Army, she was stationed in (then) West Berlin, assigned to the Allied Staff (Berlin). This combined experience enabled her to develop an appreciation for the interplay of political and social contexts in stability and appetite for reform. She appreciates the necessity of the linkage between policy and practice and is cognizant of the importance of considering history, culture, and local norms in shaping reform initiatives.

From August 2007 to September 2012, she was a Budget and Financial Accountability Advisor with the United States Department of Treasury’s Office of Technical Assistance. During this time, she was deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Zambia. In Iraq (2006-2007), she advised the Ministry of Finance and the Board of Supreme Audit on implementation of an integrated financial management information system to improve the quality and timeliness of financial reports, as well as the use of automated systems in audits. She collaborated with other USAID and IMF and World Bank advisors to harmonize the international community’s approach to financial management reform in Iraq. She worked closely with advisors supporting the Ministry of National Planning to improve development budget execution rates and was instrumental in encouraging the Ministries of Finance and National Planning to develop and issue joint regulations and guidance on procurement. In Zambia (2007-2009), with the Ministry of Finance and National Planning, her focus shifted to improving the Government’s cash management practices, especially the consolidation of public bank accounts held in commercial banks. She also instituted a practitioner-to-practitioner program to connect Zambian accounting and cash management with their counterparts in the United States.

Following this, she was deployed to Afghanistan (2009 to 2012) to support the Ministry of Finance re-invigorate its provincial budgeting initiative. This initiative was to provide provincial administrations a more defined role in planning, prioritizing, and executing government funds for development. In addition, she worked closely with Regional Commands (RC), Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRT), civil affairs teams, and other international partners to strengthen their understanding of the Afghan public financial management system and improve the credibility of their mentoring to local government officials. She was a regular presenter at workshops and conferences on the topic of Afghan planning and budgeting in Kabul, and traveled throughout Afghanistan to provide focused training to the RC and PRT governance teams. In addition to this body of work, Ms. Roades has also assessed the capabilities of the finance and procurement departments in the Ministries of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock (MAIL), Education, Interior, Public Health, and Public Works to assume responsibility for increased on-budget funding of their programs for the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID), the International Police Coordination Board (IPCB), and the European Commission..

Ms. Roades served in the United States Army. In addition to her degree from the University of Kentucky, she pursued post-baccalaureate studies in sociology at the University of Georgia.


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