Dana Eyre, PhD
Senior Social Scientist, Security and Peace-keeping

Dr. Eyre is a sociologist specializing in the analysis, planning, coordination, and evaluation of social change and strategic communications efforts for peace building and conflict transformation.
He has been an independent consultant for over a decade, leading and working on a number of social change projects, and strategic communications campaigns, for multiple clients. These have included the US government, the UK government, and the United Nations (for AMISOM), as well as commercial clients. Since early 2012 he has served as senior social scientist for System of Systems Analytics (SOSA Corp). At SOSA he works to develop our capacity to employ quantitative models to improve our understanding of human dynamics in conflict environments.

From 2006 through 2007 he served as senior consultant to the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, guiding the writing of the SIGIR book “Hard Lessons: The Iraq Reconstruction Experience”. In 2006 he completed a Jennings-Randolph Fellowship at the United States Institute of Peace where he studied coalition democratization and social change efforts in Iraq in the period 2003-2005.  Before accepting the Fellowship he spent over two years working as Senior Advisor for the US Agency for International Development's Iraq reconstruction effort, including 17 months service with the USAID Mission in Iraq.  He finished his time with USAID as inter-agency coordinator in the Office of Iraq Reconstruction in Washington DC.

In Kosovo, from 2000 until 2003, he served as senior policy advisor to the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General (European Union – Economic Development), as well as Deputy Head of the Economic Policy Office, in the UN Mission in Kosovo.  He has also served in Bosnia-Herzegovina as part of the Civil-Military Task Force within the NATO Stabilization Force. 

He holds a PhD in sociology from Stanford University and has been on the faculty of the US Naval Postgraduate School (Department of National Security Affairs, 1991-2000), George Mason University (Program on Peace Operations Policy, 2005-2006), the United States Military Academy, West Point (Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership, 1986-1991), and the Lester B. Pearson Canadian International Peacekeeping Training Center (1996-2011).

He has conducted research, program design, and training for a wide variety of clients in social change and social change communications, strategic planning, and conflict transformation.

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