R. Scott Moore, PhD
Chief, Field Programs & Historical Services, US Army Center of Military History, Security and Peace-keeping

Dr. R. Scott Moore is currently the Chief, Field Programs and Historical Services at the US Army Center of Military History, where he is responsible for collecting and archiving the source data of America’s recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He previously served as the Deputy Director at the National Defense University’s Center for Complex Officer and as a special advisor in the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Partnership Strategy.

Prior to joining the Department of Defense, he was a senior defense analyst and member of the defense Adaptive Red team specializing in stability operations and counterinsurgency at Hicks and Associates. A Marine Corps officer from 1976 to 2001, he commanded infantry units from platoon to battalion landing team, served as an intelligence officer in Panama and Southwest Asia, and as an Exchange Officer with the British Royal Marines. During his career, he participated in combat, expeditionary, and humanitarian operations in Panama, the Balkans, Kuwait, the Far East, and Africa.

Dr. Moore graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1976, earned an MA (History) from Duke University, an MA (International Relations) from Salve Regina University, and a PhD (Conflict Analysis and Resolution) from George Mason University. He is also a graduate of the Marine Corps Command Staff College. 

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