Stephen Carrig
Foreign Service Officer (Ret), Democracy and Governance

Stephen Carrig brings to our Institute his more than two decades' experience overseas as a U.S. Foreign Service economics officer.  He has designed, and successfully implemented, stabilization and transition programs in Southeast Asia, the Balkans, Africa, Central and South Central Asia, and the Subcontinent.

He was the US Government's in situ coordinator for the U.S.-Asia Environmental Partnership.  He established USAID operations in Malaysia and created a U.S. environmental equipment sales venue there.  In the Balkans, Mr. Carrig was the U.S. Economic Advisor to the Special Advisor to the US President for Dayton Implementation.  He drafted the National Security Council's first privatization plan for Bosnia-Hercegovina, forced the closure of its remaining major racist corporation, and designed the country's first common stock telecoms operation.

Mr. Carrig secured an Open Skies Agreement and fashioned the essential economic modification for a successful U.S. Treasury proposal to end the 20-year hiatus on Exim operations in Nigeria.   Nigeria then named him as the first foreigner to serve on its official Export Promotion Council where he obtained that government's support for the African Growth and Opportunity Act.   In the Middle East, Carrig secured Kuwait's de jure agreement to both U.S. jurisdiction over its Iraq border, and cost-free transit of all Operation Iraqi Freedom Coalition forces.  In Iraq proper, he coordinated, staffed with senior U.S., Danish and British officials, and led for three months TDY in Basrah, what became the first Coalition Partner (U.K.)-led Provincial Reconstruction Team.   He also assisted in the coordination of all OIF regional assistance programs in southern Iraq.  At the United Nations, he secured leading Permanent Representatives' support for the U.S Millennium Challenge Account, and coordinated the International Development Conference at Monterrey, Mexico.

Mr. Carrig completed his active duty service with Washington, D.C.-based, senior postings.  Among them: Coordination and Evaluation Chief, Middle East Partnership Initiative, where he reviewed the US Government's $500 million investment in "Arab Spring" activities undertaken by Non-Government Organizations throughout the Middle East; first Director of Planning in the Department's new Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations; Director of East Asia and Pacific Operations, Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations, and on detail as the FBI's Deputy Director for International Operations, Terrorist Screening Center.

Mr. Carrig studied at the Sorbonne and the University of Frankfurt.  He received his B.S.F.S. from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service and a M.S. from the U.S. Army War College.  Before his commissioning in the Foreign Service, Mr. Carrig graduated from the U.S. Amy Intelligence Schools at Forts Holabird and Huachuca and worked abroad for a dozen years as an Army counterterrorism operations officer rated in French, German, Spanish and Russian. 

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