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The international community faces renewed pressure to strengthen, stabilize and transition failing and failed states.  Enormous military, financial and political capital has been expended over the years; yet, aid recipients remain beset by poor governance, rampant corruption, under-performing economies and ineffective security forces.  As turmoil grips an ever wider topography across Africa, Middle East, Persian Gulf, Central Asia and Latin America, the need to devise more effective stabilization strategies, policies and programs is expanding, not diminishing, and within more constrained budgetary environments.

The Institute for Stabilization and Transition (IST) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and non-partisan organization dedicated to serving as a center of excellence on strategies, plans and policies that can more effectively stabilize and transition failing or stressed states.  As former senior diplomats, military officers and democracy and development specialists, the Institute brings experience born of on-the-ground practice and leadership.

The IST seeks to provide expertise to government policy and decision-makers, on-the-ground practitioners, international organizations, corporations, media and academic institutions on all facets of stabilization and transition work.


Our Board Members
Vice President

Gregory (Greg) Bates brings 30 years of government and private sector experience working with nation...View Full Bio

Managing Director, JBGI

Brad Little has been active in the development of National Policy and Reconstruction since the 1990s. These effo...View Full Bio

President Emeritus

Max Primorac left the Insitute in February 2018 for the Excepted Service position of Senior Advisor in the Bureau for...View Full Bio

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