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We are pleased to launch the website of the Institute for Stabilization and Transition. This coincides with a new period of global instability as initial hopes for the Arab Spring fade while the Syrian war upends Middle Eastern stability and exacerbates regional rivalries.

Elsewhere the picture looks equally grim as Afghanistan approaches a critical year of national elections amid reduced international aid. There is the menace of transnational terrorist groups in Africa's Sahel region while the Andean and Central American regions remain threatened by narco-criminal syndicates, radical regimes and an unclear roadmap for a post-Castro Cuban transition.

It is within these trying times that the IST emerges to support efforts to confront these and other threats to global security.


The Institute for Stabilization and Transition is a 501c3 nonprofit and nonpartisan organization dedicated to supporting effective strategies, policies and programs for post-conflict stabilization, democratic transition, various forms of interventions and good governance.

IST experts offer policy-makers, practitioners, trainers, business leaders, educators and journalists a store of knowledge, sharp analysis, innovative ideas and technical solutions on how to respond to the growing number of regional and global challenges facing the international community.

We believe we have assembled at the Institute for Stabilization and Transition the world's foremost international experts on solving global instability and conflict.

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